Thoughts of Home: The Reckoning

~ Chapter 1: Tell Me No Secrets… ~

by Sailor Doc



Author's note: This story takes place after my previous story, “Thoughts of Home: A Picture-Perfect Afternoon.” It is not necessary to read that story to understand this one, but it might help. Enjoy!




Laughter echoed softly off the walls of the beautifully appointed room in the Tenou/Kaioh house. All of the senshi had gathered at Haruka and Michiru's request to celebrate what they insisted on calling Ami and Makoto's anniversary. It had been a year to the day since that memorable spring afternoon when they had caught Ami and Makoto kissing under the cherry trees.


The party had been planned as a surprise and Ami could not help but be touched that they had  remembered the date, much less put together a modest party for them. Looking at Makoto seated next to her on the couch, she could tell her girlfriend was just as moved as she was. Her face, in

profile, was relaxed, a happy smile in place, her eyes sparkling in merriment as Haruka finished a tale of her courtship of Michiru.


"And so," Haruka concluded, "though I know my Mother and Father love me to distraction, I finally came to the realization that I am as dirt in their eyes compared to 'the fair Michiru', who is the most gifted, most beautiful, most talented, best dressed, best mannered, most..."


"Haruka!" Michiru scolded lightly, as her eyes darted from one amused face to another in the room. "Please! You know that's just not so."


Affecting a sad face and puppy-dog eyes, Haruka had shook her head and responded. "Ah, but it is true, my love." Smiling, she leaned forward and kissed the back of the hand she held in hers. "And in this case it is my pleasure to bow to the wisdom of my parents."


Ami, Makoto and the rest of the girls laughed at the antics of the older couple. It seemed in the year following the battle with Galaxia they had realized just how precious their life together was, and it showed each time the girls saw them together.


"How about your folks, Michiru", Rei asked gently, though she already suspected the answer.


Michiru's expression saddened as Haruka squeezed her hand.


"I'm afraid that story does not have quite the same happy ending as Haruka's did."  Smiling apologetically at the group, she said, "Parents don't always respond with open arms to the people their children decide to spend their lives with."


"It's all right, Michiru," Usagi said, her lovely blue eyes understanding and compassionate. "Some stories are best left untold."


"Perhaps another day," Michiru said with a sad little smile. Seeming to draw comfort and strength from the close presence of her real family, Haruka at her side, Setsuna, just behind her, a hand on her shoulder, and Hotaru seated at her feet, she had drawn herself up and smiled.  "Besides," she continued. "This is a day to celebrate happy beginnings.”  Turning toward Ami and Makoto she asked, "So what about you two?"


"What?" Makoto asked.


"You know, what about you two?" Haruka asked.


"What about what?" Makoto returned, suddenly showing signs of nervousness.


Rolling her eyes, Minako had piped in, "For gods sake, Mako-chan! She wants to know how you two broke the news about your relationship to Ami's mom."


Makoto was unable to stop either the groan or the wince that escaped her at Mina's use of the word 'broke'. Usually the word would have no more effect than any other, but used in the same sentence with 'your relationship' and 'Ami's Mom'... that was a different story!


Ami could feel Makoto starting to tense up next to her. She grinned at her lover as she gently stroked her arm.


"I think I'd better handle this story, love" she said.




Breaking the news to their fellow senshi had really not been a problem.  Haruka and Michiru already knew, but could be trusted to keep things to themselves until Ami and Makoto decided to enlighten everyone else. They had planned a get together at Makoto's a week or so later to

make the announcement. It had all gone off rather well. Most of the inner girls were momentarily stunned with the exception being Minako-chan who had screamed, then laughed and said, "I knew it! I just KNEW it!" With tears and kisses she had congratulated them, saying how happy she was for them and that they were just made for each other, of course! Mina's silliness had brought everyone else out of their shocked states and they had been welcomed with open arms, as well as open mouths as everyone had tried to start talking at once.


Makoto and Ami had stood in the midst of all the ensuing chaos with happy smiles and light hearts.


That was one hurdle. However, they still had one more to go... Ami's Mom.


They were both in agreement that they should tell her. Goodness knows, they already had to keep enough from her concerning their secret lives as it was. Ami didn't want to keep this from her too. She felt, and Makoto agreed, that they should be open with her mother about the true nature of

their relationship. But that left two rather large questions looming over their heads. 'When' and 'how'?


After much discussion, they had decided on the following Sunday afternoon.  Makoto was coming over to eat lunch with them and then spend the day and it seemed the best time. They had already been dating for two months and the relationship had been intimate a little over three weeks, so there was no doubt it was time.


With that decision made, they settled down to their regular weekly routines, slightly nervous, but confident that they were doing the right thing.


Unfortunately, Father Time seemed to have his own schedule to keep, and it didn't agree with their plans, no matter how carefully they were made.




"O-o-o-o-h, that sounds ominous," Minako intoned in a scary voice. "I take it your original plan fell through?"


With a groan, Makoto leaned forward, covering her face with her hands.


"Nice choice of words, Mina-chan," Ami said with a twinkle in her eye as she wrapped an arm around Makoto's shoulders. "You could definitely say that."




TO BE CONTINUED..................................